Kiratto Prichan PriTicket Collection Gummy Vol.8 [11.C-128 R Blue Check Lady Tops]

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This item is [11.C-128 R Blue Check Lady Tops] only.

This series 14 lineup.
Item to deliver will be a thing of the "item name" and "image".

Line up!!
1.C-118 SR Gaogao Fleur Green Tops
2.C-119 SR Gaogao Fleur Green Skirt
3.C-120 SR Gaogao Fleur Shoe
4.C-121 SR Gaogao Fleur Hair Accessory
5.C-122 SR Secret (Kiratto MAX): Gaogao Fleur Black Tops
6.C-123 SR Secret: Gaogao Fleur Black Skirt
7.C-124 R Circuit Checker White Tops
8.C-125 R Circuit Checker White Pants
9.C-126 R Circuit Checker White Shoes
10.C-127 R Circuit Checker White Sunglasses
11.C-128 R Blue Check Lady Tops
12.C-129 R Blue Check Ladies Cart
13.C-130 R Blue Check Lady Shoes
14.C-131 R Blue Check Lady Hair Accessory

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Title:Kiratto Prichan

Group:Collection Toy