PEPATAMA Series 1/12 Scale Paper Diorama M-008 Tent Set A

Regular price ¥1,320

No cutting required, no painting required, easy to assemble! Miniature diorama made from paper Dragon Horse's "PEPATAMA Paper Diorama" series 1/12 scale tent set is now available!
The tent is a dome shape for 1-3 people, and while ensuring a comfortable interior space, the entrance can be opened and closed freely, so it protects privacy properly.
Experience the charm of paper craft and the potential of paper as a material!

Design: Hyakki Yagyo

[List of set contents]
1 tent
Backpack x 1
Aluminum leisure mat x 1
[Size] Tent: Height approx. 8 cm, Backpack: Height approx. 5.5 cm, Aluminum leisure mat: Length approx. 4.8 cm
[Material] Paper (double-sided PP coating processed, cutting processed)
-Cut processed, no cutting required, no painting required, no adhesion required
�E Plug-in structure that anyone can easily assemble
�E Durability and water resistance are improved by "double-sided PP coating processing"