Gashapon Kuji Tensei shitara Slime datta ken Assort [5.B award: Rubber Mascot Maid Rimuru & Maid Milim]

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This item is [5.B award: Rubber Mascot Maid Rimuru & Maid Milim] only.

This series 14 lineup.
Item to deliver will be a thing of the "item name" and "image".

Line up!!
1.A award: Big size figure Rimuru
2.A award: Big size figure Milim
3.B award: Rubber Mascot Shuna & Shion with Rimuru
4.B award: Rubber Mascot Ranga & Shizu with Rimuru
5.B award: Rubber Mascot Maid Rimuru & Maid Milim
6.B award: Rubber Mascot Rimuru & Milim(mabudachi)
7.C award: Can badge Rimuru & Students
8.C award: Can badge Milim(tsuntsun)
9.C award: Can badge Milim(do-n!)
10.C award: Can badge Souei & Benimaru
11.C award: Can badge Veldora Tempest with Rimuru
12.C award: Can badge Ranga(bunbun)
13.C award: Can badge Gobuta & Ranga
14.C award: Can badge Milim & Rimuru

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Title:Tensei shitara Slime datta ken
Accessories:mini book

Group:Capsule Toy