SHAMAN KING Capsule rubber strap [8.Marco + Archangels Michael]

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This item is [8.Marco + Archangels Michael] only.

This series 9 lineup.
Item to deliver will be a thing of the "item name" and "image".

Line up!!
1.Hao + Spirit of Fire
2.Asakura Yoh + Amidamaru
3.Horohoro + Kororo
4.Tao Ren + Bason
5.Lyserg Diethel + Morphine
6.Silva + Silver Arms
7.Iron Maiden Jeanne + Shamash
8.Marco + Archangels Michael
9.Faust VIII + Eliza

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Title:Comic Anime (Other)
Material:PVC, metal, nylon

Maker:Bushiroad Creative
Group:Capsule Toy